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Highest Paying Online Surveys and Sites That Offer Them

Online Surveys For Money Paypal

Online Surveys For Money Paypal

Highest paid Surveys are rare to get online these days. Here, we provide you with the list of all the highest paying online survey sites that pay high for every survey you complete. Tired of earning little for surveys? If yes, you are in the right place.

What is highest paid Surveys?

Highest paid Online Surveys are survey websites that pay their members very high per surveys as they promised without scam, condtions or whatsoever.

Features of Genuine highest Paying Survey Sites

Forum- Since forum takes time to fully function with lot of members, it shows a website will be online for long term which is a good sing of legitimacy. Forum is a good place to quickly discover if a site is actually doing well through feedback members’ feedback. You can also request for payment proofs to be posted, updates on the sites activities and exchange of ideas.

Instant Payment- This is another great feature of a genuine survey site. Although some paid survey which are genuine do not always have instant payment, however it’s a good sign of a real paid survey site. Fake survey sites will never consider instant payment since it will quickly take them out of business.

No and Low Minimum Cashout Requirement.
Knowing fully well that this will make people to quickly discover if a website is a fake or not, this features are highly avoided by fake sites.

How to discover highest paying survey sites.

Search On Google: Once you have found a website but do not know if they are scam or fake the best thing to do is research on google. For example, if you are not sure of surveysavvy status all you have to do is to google “Surveysavvy Scam” and all the complaints and feedback about Surveysavvy will appear. Go through them, if there are more complaints than good feedback it is most likely they are not doing good.

Search On Better Business Bureau. BBB is a website that all legitimate business sites online register on. If you do not see a business website there, although they may be genuine they are equally potentially scam.

Search for Payment Proofs. This is a very good way of knowing a legitimate online survey. They always have their payment proofs plastered all over the net. So if you do not find any payment proof, it is either they are new or they are fake.

Hope the above guide will be of good help. In case you do not want to go through all the above we have helped you to select a few legitimate online surveys you can join and start with.

Cashcrat has always been everybody’s favorite website when it comes to paid surveys. They have been online and paying for 9 good years with over 5 million members and lot of daily surveys. The payment methods are Bank Deposit, Check, Paypal, abd Dwolla.

Surveysavvy is a Legitimate online survey that sends out surveys based on invitations through email. They have high paying surveys and once you register and confirm your email make sure to complete your profile info so as to qualify for lot of surveys per day. The payment method is Check.

Treasuretroopers is another legitimate paid online survey site with lot of daily surveys as well. They have a very cool game named ‘Treasurehunt’ that worths $100 per winner. The cashout methods are Paypal, Check and Gift Cards.

Points2shopis another popular website that has surveys as well as offers and tasks. They are legitmate paid surveys and have over up to 6 million members and pay regularly. The cashout methods are Paypal, Check, Dwolla, Gift Cards etc.

Getpaid is a legitimate online surveys with daily surveys and other type of surveys as well. They give out coins as points which are later converted to cash and cashout via Paypal, Check, Perfect Money, Neteller, Western Union Transfer etc.

PaidViewpoint Basic Info


Payment Process

Take paid surveys in exchange for hard cash and gift cards. Earn money to your PayPal account once you have accumulated a $15.00 Us dollars balance, or get an Amazon or Walmart e-gift card rather. Rewards are prepared within 72 hours of demand. For anyone who is based outside the USA, you will still be paid to your PayPal account, or perhaps issued an e-gift card in Usd.

Getting Alerted for Surveys

Get e-mail notifications once full surveys (business surveys) turn out to be available. These will also be viewed in your account once they become available. On signing in, there’ll be a message in the top right corner that says, “1 survey available”.

Survey Lengths

Survey lengths change, but they’re typically between 5-10 mins ..

Everyday Online surveys

You can hold on to be e-mailed about regular surveys online if they turn out to be available, but you can also take “Trait Surveys” and then make between $0.03 and $0.10, on most days. All these Trait Online surveys not just help to boost your income slowly, but also helps increase your Traitscore. Keep in mind that receiving trait online surveys frequently could be determined by your region.


The bigger your Traitscore, the higher you can earn per survey. A high Traitscore enables you to get the maximum number of surveys per month. Achieve a Traitscore of 9000, and become included in the best 10% of members. This means you’ll earn even more per answer.

Referral Program

PaidViewpoint provides a generous referral program where you will earn 20% of what your referrals earn for taking “biz surveys”. In other words, earn 20% from your referrals if they take online surveys besides “Traits Surveys”. You can get a limitless number of referrals and can make around $25 for each referral. If you’re able to refer friends from the USA, you will probably discover you can make more.

New Member Bonus

Become a member and instantly receive a signup bonus deposited to your account. Amounts vary per country, but for USA and Canada, it’s $1.00.

Darwin’s Data

Darwin’s Data is a panel that only sends paid surveys on interesting legal disputes! You might have an affect on complicated legal associated cases.

Receive a $10 Tango Card for Joining!

Before you can join with Darwin’s Data, you should call for an invite. Once your invitation is accepted, you’ll be forwarded a registration form. The registration form takes Half an hour to complete, but once you’re done, you will receive a $10 Tango Card as a reward!

Survey Details

Any survey requires about 1 hour to accomplish, please be aware that once you start the survey, you cannot cease or carry on later. Within the survey, you’ll be shown an online video explaining the legal case, after watching, you’ll be asked to answer a number of questions on the dispute. All your answers are going to be kept confidential and anonymous. Each member is allowed a maximum of Two surveys per year, and can not complete them on a mobile device.

Earn $25 Per Survey!

Darwin’s Data offers a lucrative pay out per survey, at $25 for each one. Once you complete a survey, you will get a $25 Tango card through e mail within 3 business days. Tango e-cards can be used at more than Forty-eight retailers including: Starbucks, Amazon, Pottery Barn, Home Depot and others. There is also the option to offer your income to a number of non-profit organizations such as, Habitat for Mankind and the Clean Water Fund.

Follow on Facebook & Twitter

“Like” or “Follow” Darwin’s Data on Facebook or Twitter for interesting survey posts and user information. Make the most of knowing other Darwin’s Data participants!


United States citizen

Must be over 18

Should have a valid Driver’s License or be a registered voter

You have to complete the online surveys on a non-mobile device.

MySoapBox Basic Information


Rewards Offered

MySoapBox offers a number of instant electronic vouchers (e-vouchers, or online gift cards) in substitution for taking part in surveys. Although 25,000 points (worth $25) is required to redeem rewards, as soon as you get this balance you’ll be able to receive your gift vouchers with a few retailers in denominations as small as $1 (1,000 points).

Retailer gift voucher options include: Amazon, Banana Republic, CVS Pharmacy, Groupon, Lowe’s, Old Navy, Sears, Sephora, and many more.

Restaurant options involve: Chill’s, TGI Friday’s, Red Robin, and others.

Participants may also prefer to donate their points to a variety of charitable organizations. Every month a new charity is featured, and MySoapbox provides a first reward of $500.

New Member Signup Bonus

New members of MySoapBox will receive 2,000 points (worth $2.00) paid to their account.

Receive Points for Disqualifications

When you get disqualified while trying to complete a survey, MySoapBox will even so give you Ten points for your attempts.

MySoapbox Referral Program

Members of the MySoapbox panel can refer their family and friends staying in different homes in exchange for 250 points.

MySoapbox Survey Roulette

Survey roulette is basically a survey router that enables participants of MySoapBox to access available surveys across different providers. Any time you successfully carry out one of these online surveys, you will be credited 1000 points ($1) to your account. You are able to engage in survey roulette several times a day, on a daily basis.

To participate, you are going to first be asked a number of screener questions. Once a qualifying survey has been found for you, you will be alerted of the survey duration prior to accessing the survey. These opportunities change each day, so if you’re interested in participating, it is best to access Survey Roulette on a regular basis.

Available to residents around the world 13


BzzAgent is a media network that recruits “BzzAgents” to evaluate products and services after which share their opinions on them with those they do know. BzzAgent has more than one million participant agents around the world, and makes use of the concept of word of mouth communication to build measurable outcomes for marketers.

Influence the Biggest Brands

BzzAgent has an impressive client list which includes: L’Oréal, Nestle, Proctor & Gamble as well as Purina. You may be invited to test goods from foreign firms such as these who have major influence!

Test Merchandise

Participants must receive an invite to a campaign in order to partake. Assignments normally involve testing merchandise and coupons/rebate offers free of charge samples.

Being Assigned An “Activity”

If you are asked to test a product, most of the time you will be assigned all or any of the following activities:

Publishing to social media regarding the product (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram)

Posting a review about the product you have been instructed to use

Uploading pics and vids about a given product.

Paid Surveys

In addition to testing goods, BzzAgent invites it’s participants to take part in quick online survey opportunities for additional points and rewards!

Collect Points and Free Products

Receive MyPoints and sometimes free products in exchange for your BzzAgent participation. Be ok with sharing your opinion to the world and gaining some thing in turn.

Build your BzzScore

Any user accumulates a BzzScore on a yearly basis. It stages from zero to Ten takes into account all of the activities you take part in. Based on your level of participation, your BzzScore may go up and down all year long. The following are ways to help keep your BzzScore high!

Adding detail and attention into your given activities

Staying informed on every current survey opportunities

Becoming an influencer through involving your fellow friends as part of your BzzActivites

Linking your BzzAgent page to your social networking accounts

Engage with a very good Community

Check out the BzzAgent site and catch up on the best trends in the “Latest Buzz” section. Discover exactly what fellow members have to say concerning a variety of exciting products. Connect even further by following the BzzAgent Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages!

Eligibility: Inhabitants of the usa, United kingdom, Canada, Brazil, France as well as Germany.

innoPoll General Information


Take part and get your rewards without having to wait!

Once signing up for innoPoll, get e-mail invites asking you to take part in paid surveys and other varieties of research. The e-mail is going to state the cash value of the study. When you are done carrying out the study, you will simply be e-mailed your reward. You don’t have to log into your account to demand your rewards and no minimum account balance is needed. innoPoll will simply provide you your reward once the study has closed. Validated users get their rewards instantly after completing a survey.

Select from popular reward options

By participating in surveys and other research with Innopoll, earn your choice of rewards:

Cash paid to your PayPal account

Bitcoins paid to your Bitcoin wallet

Amazon e-gift cards

Tango cards (which may be exchanged for gift cards to dozens of major retailers)

Contributions to non-profit organizations such as Habitat for Humanity

Get fair payment for your participation

Take surveys typically worth anywhere between $1-$5 each. As well, earn a $2 loyalty bonus for each and every 3 surveys you completed or try to complete! Which means that even though you get disqualified from a survey, it will count towards receiving your $2 reward after Three survey attempts/completions.

Take online surveys and do item testing at home

innoPoll offers their panelists the opportunity to participate in online surveys along with the occasional product test.

Answer surveys from your mobile phone without any problem!

All of innoPoll’s online surveys are mobile friendly, so in case you tend to take surveys on the go, you don’t need to be worried about running into problems by using your mobile phone.

No user account – only present your e-mail to get invitations

There’s no need to hold a member account with innoPoll. Simply sign up by offering your e-mail address and you’ll get paid survey invites if you don’t choose to remove yourself from their e-mail list (that you could do at any time).

Possibilities to win!

innoPoll gives their community members opportunities to earn good prizes for example gift cards in sweepstakes. Watch for bulletins on their Facebook page as well as other social media for when a new giveaway is running.

Epoll Surveys Basic Info


Survey Types

Paid surveys that match entertainment-related marketing research, such as surveys online concerning Television watching habits. Geared towards younger individuals. As the participant of Epoll you might be instructed to watch new TV commercials or in certain cases even watch and review DVDs that are sent straight to your home!

Points for Online surveys

E-Poll awards points for taking surveys online, which can change between 100-1000 points, depending on the duration and the nature of the survey.

Reward Options Available

For at least 2750 points in your account, you are able to receive your points for a reward. Take note that points boost in value as they’re accumulated.

Redeem the appropriate number of points for a $5 (3750 points), $10, $15, $20, $25, $30 PayPal payment

Pick from a wide variety of gift cards to retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Starbucks, iTunes, Sears, Gamestop and others. Prizes normally get 6-8 weeks to get prepared.

2750 points = $5 non-profit donation to United states Red Cross, National Wildlife Federation, Make-a-Wish Foundation, Humane Society, or St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

Watch out for monthly sweepstakes of $250 that can be earned!

Eligibility: USA inhabitants 13

Cross Media Panel Basic Information

As of June, 2016, Screenwise Trends Panel rebranded as Cross Media Panel.

Help shape the future of the net, just by surfing!

Be part of the Cross Media Panel by installing the browser extension and mobile app on your eligible computer system, smart phone, and/or tablet, and connect to the internet just like you normally would. The app will function in the background, and won’t interfere with your surfing. Get e-gift cards for your participation in the program – it’s very simple and passive to take part and you will aid shape services such as YouTube, Android along with Chrome.

Join and make a cash bonus

Sign up and install the free Screenwise Meter application as well as browser extension on your device(s) and easily make about $6 in bonus rewards. Earn up to an additional $3 weekly you browse the internet with your system(s).

Get gift cards along with cash

Once your account reaches $25 for the first time, you’ll be able to request an e-gift card from lots of different retailers including Best Buy, Starbucks, Amazon and also Walmart. You will get your reward 24-48 hrs after asking for it. After your first rewards payoff, a $5 account balance is all that’s required for future rewards demands.

The full list of merchants that you may get an e-gift card from for participating in the program are: Amazon, Target, Starbucks, Best Buy, CVS/pharmacy, Chipotle, GAP,, Macy’s, Nike, REI, Sephora, Home Depot, and Walmart.

Take part in other activities

Cross Media Panel also can offer periodic surveys online as well as other special programs for their participants to participate in. Watch for notifications through the application and via e-mail for invitations.

YouGov General Info



YouGov is one of the world’s leading research firms having an impressive Four million users around the world. Sign up for YouGov and get rewarded for taking part in online surveys and focus group opportunities.

Sign-up Bonus!

For a sign-up bonus, YouGov rewards all new participants with 1,000 points to begin their survey taking journey!

Survey Lengths

The length of any paid survey varies, but the majority are around 5-7 minutes long. Online surveys are scarcely over Twenty minutes, as this is considered a greatest.

Survey Topics

As with all survey site, YouGov’s survey topics can differ, nevertheless most of the time, they are politically focused. YouGov’s online surveys and polling results tend to be regularly published in the media.

Compensation For each Survey

Most online surveys may award between 500-1,000 points; the longer the survey, normally, the greater points that will be awarded. 1,400 points equals $1.00.

Reward Options

YouGov provides a number of redemption choices for members. Cash payments granted through PayPal tend to be an option, as are gift cards to retailers including Amazon, Best Buy, iTunes, Walmart, and more. YouGov branded merchandise is available too.

Rewards Delivery

Gift card prizes take approximately 2-3 weeks to get after redemption. Gift cards are physically mailed.

Refer Friends, Earn More

Send your friends as well as extended family members to YouGov and then make 1,000 bonus points for each referral. Make 2,000 points once they connect with YouGov via Facebook.

Eligibility: will have to be age 14 in United states to participate, 16 in UK to join.


Tellwut is an online surveys community in which participants earn points for taking online surveys, creating polls, along with referring friends. Members can carry out all available online surveys and won’t get disqualified from any survey they try out. Sign up for this community of over 450,000 survey takers!

Varieties of Online surveys Provided

Fun polls produced by members (max of Two posts every week) or posted by businesses. Users can log in to their accounts everyday to take surveys online and don’t have to await e-mail invitations.

Survey Completion Times

Any survey/poll available often takes below 30 seconds to finish, and lots of new polls are available on the web site each day. As soon as the surveys have closed you could check out the results to find out how your answers stacked up compared to others!

Participants of Tellwut can easily log into their accounts to take all of the available surveys for the day – invitations to complete online surveys are not usually e-mailed.

Rewards for Taking Online surveys

Users get points for each and every survey they complete, which can then redeem for gift cards to main retailers for example: Walmart, Amazon, Starbucks, Subway and more. Tellwut offers weekly contests and also a referral program.

Points Rewarded Per Task

Create your account: 100 pts.

Provide other info: 200 pts.

Refer a friend: 25 pts.

Answer a survey: 5-15 pts.

Create an approved public survey: 10-20 pts.

Answer an external survey: 25-2000 pts.

New User Bonuses

Fresh users to Tellwut get 100 reward points immediately after signing up.One hundred extra points are given upon offering shipping information, plus a further One hundred points are awarded for giving other account info.

Printable Coupons

Apart from providing online surveys with rewards, Tellwut gives printable coupons on their website! Coupons can be sorted based on region, category as well as brand!

Eligibility: Inhabitants of Canada as well as United states, 18

The Knowledge Panel, now a part of GfK Custom Research North America was developed in ’99. The Knowledge Panel lets you share your thoughts and be heard!

Invitation Only Panel

It’s an invitation only panel that requires a code to sign up. GfK at random chooses a few homes in the America to get an invitation in the email. Each and every member, 13 years or older, who is living at the selected household is welcome to join the Knowledge Panel.

Receive $10 for an Introductory Survey

For a special thank you, the Knowledge Panel sends a one-time $10 reward to every single household member that joins and takes the introductory survey.

Participate in Important Research!

Once you are a registered member, you’re going to be asked to share your thoughts, suggestions and experiences on subjects such as healthcare and issues affecting the country. You’ll be invited to participate in surveys for Television networks, foreign companies as well as national polls. Survey periods often take Ten to fifteen minutes to accomplish.

Take Surveys and Earn Money

In order to show gratitude for the online surveys you have carried out, you’re going to be paid with 1,000 points per survey session, which equals $1. Redeem points for prizes like magazine subscriptions, coupons or gift cards. You can even save up for a $25 cash check, or test your luck with using your points to win sweepstakes. There are lots of prize alternatives to explore in the customized online market place!

No Internet Access? Not A Problem!

If you don’t have internet access in your place the Knowledge Panel offers you a computer and provide you with free dial-up access to the internet for users. This is to ensure all demographics are represented evenly.

Ranging Demographics.

The Knowledge Panel concentrates on many demographics to effectively represent the research to be accumulated. Those demographics involve, but aren’t restricted to: Families, Hispanics, teens, young adults, baby boomers and working grown ups. The Knowledge Panel website is available in converted Spanish for ease of access.

Eligibility: Invitation only, restricted to America households. Must be 13 to join. Family members below Eighteen should get parental or guardian permission before registering.

Scarborough Surveys

Nielsen Scarborough is a part of the market research powerhouse, Nielsen. Nevertheless, Nielsen Scarborough is a big project in itself and even conducts above 200,000 online surveys per annum in more than 120 local regions across The United States. The office is headquartered in New York City, yet interviews are held in Texas and Florida as well.

Research Project Topics

In this particular huge research project, the areas of interest are: tv, magazines, radio stations, leisure activities, consumer shopping habits and lots of other interesting topics.

Invitation-Only Participation

This project is an invite-only research experiment, participants are chosen at random by email or telephone. If you’re a selected participant, you might be asked to complete one of the following assignments for rewards.

Consumer Survey Booklets (Paper along with Online Versions)

Telephone Surveys

Television Diary


Make money for taking part in studies. Products testing research often give $1-$10, along with being allowed to keep the product. Mobile phone studies are compensated within 2 weeks of answering the telephone survey. Paper studies, where questions are answered by means of radial dots, are usually paid around two weeks of mailing back the paper survey. Payment is provided in cash are mailed.

Promise of Privacy

Nielsen is actually a trusted global company; and Nielsen Scarborough is committed to the safety of all the info given by panelists. Your private information will not be revealed or shown to any 3rd party. Answers are always combined in aggregate form to secure I . d.

Qualification: Residents of america


Panelpolls has actually been rewarding participants ever since ’99. This panel is directed towards households, kids and teens. Some partners of Panelpolls include: Wendy’s, Hot Wheels, DreamWorks, Microsoft, Kraft, Nickelodeon and Xbox. With companies like these on board, many of the research is quite interesting and fun!

Large Number of Engaging Research Options

Being a member of Panelpolls, there are tons of interesting opportunities to pick from. You could be asked to share your view on different firms, non-profits and universities that are looking for help with their future business decisions.

Research Opportunities:

Watch movies, TV shows, as well as rate online games and web sites ($5 to $10)

Register with an internet Community (Get $15 per month)

Beta Testing ($10 per month)

Online Focus Groups ($55)

In-Home Ethnography ($55)

Special Opportunities if you Live in LA or NY City

People who reside in L . A . or Ny City may be invited to join in in-person focus groups on a various interesting topics. These studies pay $75 to $200 each. They typically last 45 minutes to 2 hrs. Types of past studies can include: TV show pilot testing, moms wine and cheese night, mobile games/app testing as well as other discussion or collaborative based functions.

Kids’ Projects

Panelpolls has many opportunities which are exclusive to children, making it a great panel for children to join! Some projects involve: watching TV shows, testing online games, playing apps, toy surveys, celeb surveys as well as rating kid focused brands.

Participation = Points

Panelpolls assures you will make points for every research activity you participate in. Most activities are awarded with at least 1,000 points which is equivalent to $1.00 Us dollars. Active members of Panelpolls usually get 10,000 – 15,000 points every month ($10 – $15).

Amazon Gift Card or Check

Once you have accumulated 10,000 points you can request a $10 Amazon Gift Card. The other option is waiting until you have 20,000 points ($20) to request a check.

Join Exclusive Communities

Panelpolls gives a various exclusive communities for participants who want to concentrate on participating in specific surveys on topics that interest them.

IGamelab Beta Testing Community: Be a beta tester for games online, mobile games/apps, virtual worlds and sites. Searching for children aged 6-12 and teens who are 13-17 to beta test.

Paid Teenagers as well as Young Adults Community: Anybody who is 13-35 can sign up for the Xtrender community where members are able to participate in reviewing social media, TV shows, apps and many more.

Paid Moms Community: If you’re a mother, you may be eligible to register with this community where matters like: entertainment, cooking/recipes, parenting advice, and more are reviewed.

Follow the Panelpolls Blog

As a user of Panelpolls be sure to keep up to date on the website blog. Here is the place to explore the latest events, news, activities as well as other interesting content. Another way to remain in tune is by “liking” the Panelpolls Facebook web page for news feed updates.


United States inhabitants only

Kids: 6-14

Teens: 15-17

Young Adults: 18-24

Parents of children ages: 2-17

Parents have to give permission for children that are 6-17 years old.

Multiple children may be registered for each household

Consumer Village Online surveys

Consumer Village started in 2007 and it is a unique online forum where you can share your opinion about thousands of global companies. Being a panel participant is not hard, just fill out a 2-minute membership survey. Start changing the way forward for your preferred products now!

Unique perks

Consumer Village members are able to participate in surveys online, focus teams and also community forums on the hottest issues. You can also build your own polls! Consumer Village also is concerned with helping charities. They offer $0.25 for each 500 points redeemed for charity and 5% of all tokens earned by panelists is given to charities from their own corporate pockets!


Members are able to accumulate tokens towards Amazon gift vouchers. Rewards correlate to how much you take part in the discussions and surveys. Focus groups usually are awarded with cash paid via checks, and can be about $75. Tokens also are won towards sweepstakes each time you answer a new sponsored topic. Sweepstakes are carried out every month and 30, $10 prizes are awarded.

Rewards payoff

Panelists can redeem their accounts if they’ve accumulated $5 or 500 Tokens. Prizes are determined by the end of each month and then dispersed via e-mail to panel users by the Fifteenth of the the following month. Amazon gift vouchers are given out immediately when they’re cashed out!

Survey invitations and app

Acquire more survey invitations by completing the “Profile Surveys” on your account. They can be in the “New Surveys” area situated on the website. Also, make sure to be a part of online surveys or chats quickly by answering as soon as possible, as once they are filled they might be closed. A great way to make this happen is to install the Consumer Village mobile application named i°C. This enables users to respond quickly to survey invites and other offers.

Qualification: United States residents only, 18

Consumer Village Online surveys

Consumer Village started in ’07 and its a unique online forum where you can share your view regarding a large number of global companies. Becoming a panel member is easy, just fill in a 2-minute membership survey. Start changing the future of your favorite items now!

Unique perks

Consumer Village members can take part in surveys, focus groups and discussion boards on the hottest topics. You can even create your own polls! Consumer Village also is concerned with helping charities. They donate $0.25 per 500 points redeemed for charity and 5% of all tokens earned by panelists is donated to charities from their own corporate pockets!


Members can accumulate tokens towards Amazon gift vouchers. Rewards correlate to how much you participate in the discussions and surveys. Focus groups are awarded with cash paid by checks, and can be around $75. Tokens are also earned towards sweepstakes each time you respond to a new sponsored topic. Sweepstakes are done monthly and 30, $10 prizes are awarded.

Rewards redemption

Panelists can redeem their accounts when they have accumulated $5 or 500 Tokens. Rewards are calculated at the end of each month and then dispersed via e-mail to panel members by the 15th of the next month. Amazon gift vouchers are awarded immediately when they are cashed out!

Survey invitations and app

Get more survey invitations by completing the “Profile Surveys” on your account. They can be found in the “New Surveys” area located on the website. Also, make sure to take part in surveys or discussions quickly by responding as soon as possible, as once they are filled they may be closed. A great way to do this is to download the Consumer Village mobile application named i°C. This allows users to respond quickly to survey invites or other offers.

Eligibility: United States residents only, 18

Surveys on the Go

Surveys on the Go (SOTG) is a mobile app where one can take online surveys on a number of exciting topics like: entertainment, news, sports, technology and politics. The surveys are fun and informative by nature along with the reward of paying you in return for filling them out.

Various Survey Types

Being a user, you may be asked to watch and rate Television shows or films, evaluate items or shopping experiences, and also participate in different interesting survey activities!

Convenient & Simple

The SOTG software concentrates on making the survey taking experience as convenient as it possibly can. Getting extra cash could be part of your daily routine with no hassle involved. Firstly, install the “Surveys on the Go” application on either Google Play or The App Store.

$0.50 per Demographic Survey

When you sign up for SOTG, don’t forget to finish all the demographic surveys available. These online surveys helps match you with exciting surveys tailored to your interests, and you’ll receive $0.50 for each one you submit! Be sure to also allow your area services for the application to receive local surveys in your targeted area.

Survey Details

With SOTG you will get One or two new survey invitations per week. You will often be alerted via an alert when a new survey arrives! On average, every single survey will pay $1.00 to complete, but is going to just take a few minutes of your time. As soon as you finish the survey, it will take 3-5 working days for the prize to show up in your account as a result of pending process.

Cash Out at $10.00!

Once your account reaches only $10, you’ll be able to cash-out through PayPal! It ensures your earned cash reaches you in a safe as well as fast manner.

Privacy of information

SOTG normally takes ones privacy very seriously – they will certainly never sell or transfer your personal info. Survey answers are safeguarded and will always be viewed in aggregate form, to prevent revealing your private identity.

Eligibility: Inhabitants on the America, 16

Engage Studies?

Engage In Depth or “Engage Studies” is a top survey firm which concentrates on global recruiting and field management. This panel is looking to get extremely competent individuals to take part in their unique studies!

2 Exciting Panels to sign up with!

Engage Studies has two different panels. The first is the consumer and business professional panel where members present their insights on television viewing, ad effectiveness, automobiles or anything consumer/business related. The second panel is geared towards physicians along with medical experts to share their experiences within the medical/healthcare community. If you meet the requirements, members are able to join both!

Qualification Process

Sign up for Engage Studies by giving answers to a series of questions to identify projects that you may qualify for. The larger number of questions you answer and details you give, the more likely you are going to be given chances that suit your profile as well as interests! All information gathered is kept personal.

Varieties of Projects

Engage Studies gives many chances to keep their panel users engaged, be a part of focus groups, online discussions, site usability, online surveys etc!

Big Rewards!

Surveys are e-mailed as they become available. Amounts per survey completion vary actually, but usually range from $50.00-$250.00 depending on what is required! Payment checks are usually granted 3-4 days as soon as surveys are carried out.

KidzEyes is surely an paid survey panel run by C&R Research and is created for children Six to twelve years old. KidsEyes acquires ideas from kids themselves once parental consent is obtained, and is completely compliant with the Online Privacy Protection Act.

Giving Children a Voice

KidzEyes offers children a chance to voice their sincere ideas on a number of interesting categories such as: clothing, games, Television shows, food, technology, school and more. It also will provide them an opportunity to see and find out about new products that haven’t even enter the market yet!

Quick & Easy Registry Procedure

To sign up, first and foremost the parent or guardian most complete the online sign up form. As soon as these details are gotten, the 1st survey invite will be sent via e mail within 1-2 weeks. As an extra bonus for registering, every kid registered should be given Five-hundred KidzPoints (equal to $5!).


At KidzEyes collect “KidzPoints” for carrying out surveys, which are redeemable for cash as well as other bonus prizes. Once you have made 1,000 KidzPoints ($10) you’ll be able to demand a check or PayPal deposit! Train your children ways to save up their KidzPoints to get a larger check!

Survey Details

Online surveys can be short, taking a short time to accomplish, while some are longer as well as more complicated. Whenever you finish a survey you’ll be rewarded anywhere from $2 – $20 for your hard work! Kids will get normally around 1 – 2 survey invitations a month.

KidzEyes Superpoll

Once per month, children will get the KidzEyes SuperPoll survey that enters them in to a sweepstakes at which they might get around 10,000 bonus KidzPoints (worth $100)! Also look for various KidzEyes prizes at which t-shirts and nice games are given away as a thanks.

More Website Fun

The KidzEyes site gives excellent options for added fun! Check out the games, weekly poll and kidz corner portions of the site which are exclusive to users only.

Eligibility: Only families who live in the united states can join. Meant for children who are 6 to 12 years old, after they get to the age of 13 they are going to be subscribed to TeenEyez.


LiveWire concentrates on providing its panel members a chance to present their opinions and thoughts on a diverse range of trends, products and issues with the use of surveys online. To become a signed up user, LiveWire needs your social security number, as each panel participant is recognized as a “contractor” in the United states govt. It’s a safe and legitimate practice.

Take Surveys online, Get Paid!

The reward system at LiveWire is simple and also easy. There aren’t points to receive or sweepstakes offerings, just a cash balance in return for completing online surveys. Online surveys are compensated with $1 – $50, most average about $5 To $10 each. Bigger paid surveys are usually longer and even more complex naturally.

Prizes Given

Payment for online surveys is provided as a Tango Card that takes approximately one week to receive.

Type of Online surveys

The type of surveys you should expect as a LiveWire panelist are customer-focused. Topics for example cars, clothing, food & beverage, travel and retail are usually common survey targets. You may be invited to watch a commercial, critique a product that is still in the developmental level, or be part of other exciting research opportunities!

Ages Young And Old Accepted!

Research is important for all age ranges and demographics, LiveWire enables any age to join up for their panel, however kids Thirteen and under require parental approval. This is a great opportunity for young children to get additional cash and feel important discussing their own ideas!

Social Media Notifications

If you are a user of Live Wire, don’t fail to check out the Twitter and facebook news feeds for additional online surveys which may be out there for your demographic!

Eligibility: United States residents only. Every age group, Thirteen or less than will need parental consent.

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