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Top 10 Best Legitimate Paid Online Surveys Sites for Money 2017

Legitimate Online Surveys

Legitimate Online Surveys

Are you tired of fake survey sites and looking for Legitimate Online Surveys to work with? Here we have top 10 best legitimate online surveys sites you can use to make money and get paid instantly without scam. Not only are they genuine survey sites but also with lot of surveys and several payment methods to choose from.

What is Legitimate Online Surveys?

Legitimate Online Surveys are survey websites that pay their members as they promised without scam, condtions or whatso ever before you can join. You do not need a start up fee or credit card detail to be able to join.

Features of Genuine Paid Survey Sites

Forum- Since forum takes time to fully function with lot of members, it shows a website will be online for long term which is a good sing of legitimacy. Forum is a good place to quickly discover if a site is actually doing well through feedback members’ feedback. You can also request for payment proofs to be posted, updates on the sites activities and exchange of ideas.

Instant Payment- This is another great feature of a genuine survey site. Although some paid survey which are genuine do not always have instant payment, however it’s a good sign of a real paid survey site. Fake survey sites will never consider instant payment since it will quickly take them out of business.

No and Low Minimum Cashout Requirement.
Knowing fully well that this will make people to quickly discover if a website is a fake or not, this features are highly avoided by fake sites.

How To Discover Legitimate Online Surveys.

Search On Google: Once you have found a website but do not know if they are scam or fake the best thing to do is research on google. For example, if you are not sure of surveysavvy status all you have to do is to google “Surveysavvy Scam” and all the complaints and feedback about Surveysavvy will appear. Go through them, if there are more complaints than good feedback it is most likely they are not doing good.

Search On Better Business Bureau. BBB is a website that all legitimate business sites online register on. If you do not see a business website there, although they may be genuine they are equally potentially scam.

Search for Payment Proofs. This is a very good way of knowing a legitimate online survey. They always have their payment proofs plastered all over the net. So if you do not find any payment proof, it is either they are new or they are fake.

Hope the above guide will be of good help. In case you do not want to go through all the above we have helped you to select a few legitimate online surveys you can join and start with.

Cashcrat has always been everybody’s favorite website when it comes to paid surveys. They have been online and paying for 9 good years with over 5 million members and lot of daily surveys. The payment methods are Bank Deposit, Check, Paypal, abd Dwolla.

Surveysavvy is a Legitimate online survey that sends out surveys based on invitations through email. They have high paying surveys and once you register and confirm your email make sure to complete your profile info so as to qualify for lot of surveys per day. The payment method is Check.

Treasuretroopers is another legitimate paid online survey site with lot of daily surveys as well. They have a very cool game named ‘Treasurehunt’ that worths $100 per winner. The cashout methods are Paypal, Check and Gift Cards.

Points2shopis another popular website that has surveys as well as offers and tasks. They are legitmate paid surveys and have over up to 6 million members and pay regularly. The cashout methods are Paypal, Check, Dwolla, Gift Cards etc.

Getpaid is a legitimate online surveys with daily surveys and other type of surveys as well. They give out coins as points which are later converted to cash and cashout via Paypal, Check, Perfect Money, Neteller, Western Union Transfer etc.

Hiving is a new and legitimate online survey site that has surveys for all members. They payout via Paypal only.

Tellwut is a real trusted paid online survey site just like above website, they have surveys for their members and the cashout methods are Gift Cards and Paypal.

We hope the above guides and lists of legit online paid survey sites will be of great help to your survey income. You may click Best Paid Survey Sitesfor more lists of legitimate online surveys.